FURNITUR-RU LLC is the only company in the Republic of Belarus that produces decorative accessories, jewelry, art products, key rings, badges, souvenir products, etc. centrifugal casting on the latest Italian equipment. The uniqueness of this casting method in the possibility of producing small batches (from 100 units) and a high production speed of equipment (molds) for casting, not more than 5 working days. The manufacturing of equipment (molds) can occur both according to the customer’s model and on the basis of the developed models and 3D models by our designers.

Colors and Coatings

Casting material - ZAMAK 4-1
Casting accuracy up to 5 cells according to GOST 26645-85
Methods of coating products: electroplating, paint according to RAL
The weight of the casting part may not exceed 150 g / pc.
Dimensions of parts (LxWxH) not more than mm. (100x100x25)