One-side bonding thermoplastic material

FURNITUR-RU LLC is an official dealer of RHENOFLEX GmbH (Germany), which has successfully prove itself of the market of shoe components since 1952. The main specialization of RHENOFLEX is the production and supply of thermoplastics material for the shoe and haberdashery industries. Thermoplastic materials serve to strengthen the toe parts of shoes, counters and other elements of shoes. The highest quality and ecological safety of the materials allows us to use them for various types of shoes: children's, model, special.

We guarantee :

  • Warehouse stock balance;
  • excellent German quality;
  • full technological information on the use of the material.

Thermoplastic material used to produce the toe parts of a shoe, where the glue layer is applied on one side. Its basis is needle perforated non-woven material, which is able to take a different shape under the influence of temperature. RENOTEX "V" can be used for the production of not only model and children shoes, but also for the production of military, work and special shoes.