We are aimed to production of high-quality hardware, materials and components for various sectors of light industry. Our mission is to search, to study and to develop new methods in the mechanical and galvanic processing of various materials. We are improving the process of painting parts; improving the service and technical support of enterprises.

For shoe factories and haberdashery enterprises:

■ Production of accessories of metal, plastic and Zamak;
■ Development and implementation of new technologies using modern materials and equipment;
■ Commitment to excellent deliveries from all over the world;
■ Warehouse logistics improvement.

For sewing enterprises:

■ Production of accessories for sewing and handicraft;
■ Logo typing and branding of our partner’s products;
■ Laser engraving technology usage improvement for sewing production needs;
■ 3D modeling of various accessories and decorative elements. 

Services provided:

■ Technical support of the equipment intended for inserting the accessories;
■ Advising in the selection of the equipment and tools;
■ Spare parts selection for different kind of the equipment;
■ Repair of  automatic, pneumatic and manual equipment for accessories;
■ Expanding the list of the services provided while maintaining consistently high quality.

■ In order to achieve its mission, Furnitur-RU LLC applies advanced technologies ensuring high level of products quality, labor safety and environmental protection.
■  Expand production capacity to meet the growing demand to our products;   
■  To increase production efficiency, reducing the energy intensity of processes;    
■  To maintain high quality level of our products;    
■  To minimize environmental impact for future generations;    
■  To provide safe and comfortable working conditions for our employees;    
■  To promote the professional growth of specialists by increasing their own personnel potential.