Shoe wire

Shoe wire of type PC is used to attach board insoles and leather insoles to shoetrees. In the process of attaching the insoles to the wire shoetrees, vertical brackets are formed which are driven through the insole into the plugs on the bottom surface of the shoetrees. The wire for attaching insoles is made by flattening a round wire; its cross-section has the shape of a rectangle (with sizes 1.07 and 0.63 mm) with rounded edges.

The wire of type PG is used to attach the protruding edge of the top with brace tightening and to attach the protruding edge of the top to the lip of the welt insole. In both cases, the fastening edge is attached using staples formed from the corresponding wire during the operation of the protracted machines. The wire is made by drawing a larger diameter wire through calibration dies, its cross section has the shape of a circle.