Spiral zipper

Shoe zipper type 5, type 7. 

FURNITUR-RU LLC cooperates with the companies YKK and OPTI - the world's leading manufacturers of zippers. We also offer domestic products. The employees of our organization according to their vast experience and individual approach, will help to make the optimal choice of high-quality lightning based on the desired price and delivery conditions. The highest quality, production efficiency and competitive prices make us reliable suppliers to many shoe and sewing enterprises.

We can offer you:
- standard or waterproof zipper;
- various length of a zipper;
- zipper from 7 to 1000 cm;
- A wide range of colors of zipper and a slider (more than 200 colors);
- a various form of a zipper, in a direct or molded execution;
-different options for the slider on the zipper: simple, decorative, decorative with the logo of your company.

Colors and Coatings